Frequently Asked Questions

What Is US-Quote?
How Does The Online App Work?
What Information Should I Provide?
What Happens When I Use The App?
Is US-Quote Free?

1. What Is US-Quote?

Free tools, straight talk, and real savings for our readers

US-Quote cuts through the complexity about auto insurance with straight-forward content and a free online tool that helps you find the right auto insurance company, policy, and price. US-Quote is not an insurance company. Our online app compares rates from a network of local and national insurance companies, and our articles help readers figure out which policy works the best for them.

2. How Does the Online App Work?

It matches your needs with the best insurance companies in your area

Once you fill out your information on our secure form, our online app matches your information with insurance companies around the U.S. to find the best prices and deepest discounts for the information you provide. Compare prices of the same level of coverage, and select the policy that works best for you.

3. What Information Should I Provide?

Our form is as simple as possible

For our online app to work, you will need to provide information about where you live, the car(s) you drive, desired level of coverage, and information about the person or people who will be driving, including their driving record.

4. What Happens After I Use The App?

Insurance companies will contact you with a quote; you decide which works best

The app matches your information with companies that will give you the biggest discount in our network of nationwide insurance companies. Over the next 48 hours, at least four companies will tailor an auto insurance quote and contact you with an offer.

5. Is US-Quote Free?

Yes: US-Quote is 100% free.

We help educate our readers on how to select the auto insurance policy that works best for them, and provide tools to help compare quotes from multiple insurers. We make money by creating the best matches between our readers and insurance providers, who pay us for the referral.